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We are a family-owned business started by our local artisans with the aim of bringing Bangladeshi eco-friendly products and craftwork to global platforms.

Our passion to take the creativity of local artisans to new heights has been our greatest motivation and we help empower underprivileged mothers and residents for a brighter future.

We are the manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of natural, eco-friendly, sustainable, and diversified products (Jute, Hogla, Water Hyacinth, Terracotta, Cane, Seagrass, and Bamboo) in Bangladesh.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality eco-friendly products for your basic needs. When it comes to providing reliable products made from sustainable materials, we’ve got you covered!



Get eco-friendly products with your personalization now easily from anywhere

We help retail brands or companies selling eco-friendly printed products with packaging to promote their brands and maximize their profits.

Our service ranges from design to sampling and material sourcing to production, printing, packaging, and shipping.



At BBS, we always inspect workplaces or factories for quality, ethical and environmentally friendly production practices. We use the best quality jute – Corchorus olitorius (golden shine) and Corchorus capsularis (white jute).

Apart from jute ropes, our other diverse jute products are canvases, floor coverings, home textiles, jute fabrics, composites etc. We will manage everything from custom product design with brand name to logo engraving, high quality production, packing, and shipping.


Get your products delivered at your doorstep after production.

We want to be an inspiration for global brands by driving them towards ethical & modern fashion that can lead to a more sustainable planet.

As BBS is designed to protect the earth and encourage sustainable living, our products are made of formaldehyde-free, non-radioactive, easily recyclable, more durable, sustainable, all-natural materials, and safer for the environment and people.

All you have to do is send us your brand name or logo and help spread the word, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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